Salvaged Bead - Bronze TYPE C

Bronze B.jpg
Bronze B.jpg

Salvaged Bead - Bronze TYPE C


Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, but that’s okay! These beads are salvaged from old pen parts that didn’t make the cut.

All dimensions are approximate, as each bead was processed one at a time. Some have different sized grooves and others have some threads on the inside. They may not match these pictures exactly. Please make sure to read the dimensions as there are a few different styles. Beads may have scratches, dings, or other surface blemishes.

Material: Aluminum-Silicon Bronze

Bronze will patina and may have an irregular coloring.

TYPE A - 0.50” Diameter x 0.62” Long x 0.25” Hole WITH GROOVES

TYPE B - 0.50” Diameter x 0.50” Long x 0.25” Hole WITHOUT GROOVES

TYPE C - 0.50” Diameter x 0.50” Long x 0.34” Hole WITH GROOVES

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